Wait For The Lord

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Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. – Psalms 27:14 –

The concept of waiting for the Lord is not sitting, folding your hand, and praying that God answers your request. Instead, waiting for the Lord is discerning the right decisions in your current dilemma, hardship, or situation knowing that God will give you an answer. Job waited for the Lord in the midst of his tragedy, Esther waited for the Lord in the midst of her people being persecuted, and Paul waited for the Lord in the midst of his hardship to whatever thorn in the flesh that was torturing him. They all received their answers whether it was being blessed more than before, or being freed, or it is grace that is sufficient.

Whatever you may be facing this week in your life, wait for the Lord, be strong in his word, and know that He will answer you according to his purpose, will, and riches. May God bless you all in all that you do in Word and Deed this week to bring Him glory and praise.

Kx Paaj Nquab Hawj